Social Programme

Day 1:  Conference participants are warmly invited to attend a dinner in an Old Czech restaurant Na Hradě.

Here you can taste the real Czech food, and  of course the very best beer. Magic pub atmosphere will warm you up in the cold and wet November night…

Day 2: We are happy to invite you to the Drak Theatre to watch the play Last Trick. The performance will be followed by the Gala dinner.

Divadlo Drak’s production is inspired by the remarkable life and work of the cinematic pioneer Gerges Méliés. It takes us to the enticing setting of magicians, tricks and magic. The magic tricks that Méliés was the first to use in a film medium, in an unbelievably imaginative manner we might add, still have their artistic poetry today.

And, above all, there are many who have followed in his footsteps.

Even death comes up short in Méliés’ world full of boundless imagination, since celluloid, illusion and fantasy are weapons that seem to be able to defeat even the Grim Reaper himself… Or can they? We will find out when the story of the fascinating life of the greatest film magician of all time ends.


    Source: Drak Theatre